Start an MBA Chai Wala Franchise in 2023: Franchise Cost, Profit Margin and Details

Are you interested in starting an MBA Chai Wala Franchise? It can be a great opportunity for you. In this article, I am sharing complete details about starting an MBA Chai Wala business, its cost, and profit margin including everything you need to know to get started.

What is MBA Chai Wala Franchise?

MBA Chai Wala is a popular tea brand that offers a unique blend of Indian tea with a modern touch. The brand is known for its premium quality tea, made with the finest ingredients and served in stylish, modern cafes. The MBA Chai Wala franchise is an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own tea business and leverage the brand’s popularity and success.

This shop offers a wide range of tea options for every occasion, whether it’s a wedding, event, fundraiser, or corporate meeting. Their flavors are sure to satisfy every taste bud and energize any crowd, making them a great addition to parties, election rallies, and family get-togethers.

MBA Chai Wala Initial Days


MBA CHAIWALA FRANCHISE is a fast-growing homegrown Indian tea and snack brand. Firstly, Started by a young entrepreneur, a TEDx speaker, and social worker Prafull Billore aka (MBA CHAI WALA), back on 25 July 2017, in (AHMEDABAD) GUJRAT. and now for the past 5 years, the brand has established its presence across 15+ cities with 100+ MBA Chai Wala Franchises & 1,00,000+ Daily Customers in India. And, Had revenue of (3+crores} in FY2020.

As of now on Feb 28, 2023, the brand has celebrated a festival named MBA Chai Wala Mahotsav. They revealed at the event that they were expanding the brand’s roots outside of the country to Dubai and Canada, and they’re also opening 30 new outlets. Furthermore, they are releasing a new product named I-tea. Moreover, the business is entering the coffee market with its new venture, Dark Beans.

I-tea launch at mba chai wala mahotsav
Prafull-billore-MBA-Chai Wala

They have over 20+ varieties of Chai, Snacks, and Juices.

Some of their Famous Chai

  • Tulsi Chai
  • Adrak Chai
  • Regular Chai
  • Masala Chai
  • Elaichi Chai
  • Chocolate Chai

How does the business model of the MBA Chai Wala Franchise works?

First, they use the KIOSK MODEL to prepare their various chai cups now with the help of machines to maintain efficient procedures and keep sanitization up to the mark. Secondly, this approach enables the maintenance of food hygiene and decreases operational costs. In effect, the products get affordable, And the franchise gets a good margin in selling products.

Their Marketing Insights


MBA CHAIWALA’s marketing team keeps up with the latest trends by leveraging a mix of strategies. In order to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty, they focus strongly on PR, social media, and word-of-mouth strategies to expand their audience.

They also leverage digital marketing to reach out to a new audience and remain ahead of the curve. They also encourage social sharing, empowering customers to become brand ambassadors. By combining these tactics, MBA CHAIWALA stays top of mind and continues to grow its loyal customer base.


MBA CHAIWALA brand is dedicated to innovation in its product line, offering a range of high-quality options to satisfy every customer’s taste. They understand that providing quick and efficient service is essential to meeting the demands of their customers. To achieve this, MBA CHAIWALA uses advanced technology and continuously trains its employees to ensure they provide excellent service.

The brand values feedback from customers and are continuously improving its offerings in order to better fulfill the demands of its consumers. With a focus on innovation, MBA CHAIWALA has become a leader in the industry, setting the standard for quality and customer service.

MBA Chai Wala Menu


Their Specific Customer Segment

As we all know, Indian tea is consumed by every age group in India and in most homes. Their focus is on providing healthy and hygienic tea and snacks to their customers at reasonable prices to people of all age groups.

Advantages of opening MBA Chai Wala Franchise –


1) Brand Recognition – The best advantage of having an MBA CHAIWALA Franchise. The brand has already marked its name and value recognization and it is growing rapidly in the Indian food and beverage industry. By providing its customers with quality tea, coffee, and snacks at affordable costs.

2) Operations Insight – Operations of the franchise are hassle less. And, it comes with easy operational procedures and Operations. Manuals will be shared with the franchise owner. Also, you will get full support in setting up the store and required assistance in every part of the business.

3) MBA CHAIWALA franchise Cost Optimization – The brand opts for low-cost business operation procedures and is molded according to the market’s needs.

4) Training and Support – MBA Chai Wala offers comprehensive training and support to all franchisees. From employee training to comply with franchisor standards, MBA Chai Wala provides the resources you need to ensure that your franchise is successful.

How much return on investment and profit margin MBA Chai Wala Franchise owner will get? 

By becoming a franchise, you will get all your invested money (R.O.I) within 12-18 months. After paying all expenses from a mid-sized location. The average profit margin of MBA chai wala outlet is around 10% to 25% However, there is no disclosed information available now about the profit margin. but within TEA Outlet business returns are quite fair enough.

What are the required experience and legalities for MBA Chai Wala Franchise in India?

EMPLOYEES – You will need around 2-3 staff for your outlet to operate. As result, the franchise is having its own training sessions for newcomers in the hospitality industry.

  • Firstly, The company will provide all the training to the staff and facilities required to operate an upcoming franchise and support any business need. They will be in touch every time.
  • Secondly, Staff will learn guest service and get trained in the work area in fast pace environment.


  • Kiosk Model – A carpet area is required around 150 (Sq ft) is to open a kiosk in a populated place.
  • Dine-In Model – 300 to 400 sq ft carpet area is needed to open a Dine-In Model in a populated location.
  • Lounge Model – 500 to 800 sq ft carpet area is required to open a Lounge model.

They have 3 Models

LICENCES – Definitely, the franchise requires approvals to run a business without any problem. Thus, The team will help you out with all the licensing procedures.

DOCUMENTS – Adhar card, Pan Card, Bank details, Passport size photos. Please visit if you want to know about food licenses in IndiaFood Safety and Standards Authority of India (WIKIPEDIA).

MBA Chai Wala franchise cost in India –

Franchise investment required –

InvestmentRs. 8-10 lakhs (including Equipment)
Franchise FeeRs. 3 lakhs
Shop rent, Maintenance charges, and Additional bills, all will depend upon your chosen city and area for opening the outlet.
However, 10 Lakh Rs would be sufficient for opening MBA CHAI WALA Franchise.

Agreement requirements for opening MBA Chai Wala Franchise in India

  • The company mostly prefers an agreement period of 5 years. Comparatively, It’s good than other brands in the market. they prefer 10 year agreement period with a high franchise cost.
  • Space required around 100 – 200 sq. ft
  • Franchise Fees would be (INR 3 Lakhs)
  • Space rent for a good locality costs approx (INR 2- 5 Lakhs). Or, if you have your own location in a public place that’s good to go.
  • Maintenance and other related costs Rs 1 – 2 Lakhs
  • Total Cost Rs (INR 10 lakhs)

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How to apply for MBA Chai Wala Franchise?

The easiest way to get in touch with them directly for opening an MBA Chaiwala franchise is by visiting their website and filling out a contact form over there. Everything you have to do is online you don’t have to go somewhere for applying it. then within a few business days, they will contact back to you at your given phone number, be ready with the mindset of setting store if you’ve already arranged the required amount. their team will help you with further procedures and kudos it’s done.

MBA Chaiwala contact info


Karishma Complex, Shop – 2, Stadium Cross Rd, below Pintoo Garment, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009. 

MBA CHAI WALA franchise Contact Number –

+91 722 290 5222

Franchise Email – Email:,

Website –



Lastly, we found that Chai (tea) is the mass-consumed beverage of India and In Asia Pacific, India is the second-largest producer of tea after China, and is also the largest consumer, using almost 30% of the world’s tea production. And it’s always in demand segment & this homegrown brand MBA Chaiwala, one of India’s iconic and innovative chai franchises, provides a decent return on investment and operational costs are low.

Opening a tea franchise with MBA Chai Wala is an excellent way to enter the growing tea market in India. With its wide range of tea options, proven track record of success, and comprehensive support and training, MBA Chai Wala is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to start a successful tea franchise in India. So why wait? Contact MBA Chai Wala today and start your journey to tea franchise success!

We hope all the information we shared about the MBA chaiwala franchise will help you in figuring out the best possible decision for your investment and business prospects.


 (Q1) How many franchises are there in MBA Chai Wala? 

 Ans. They are having 100+ franchises and a couple of Dealerships.

 (Q2) Is the MBA CHAI WALA franchise profitable? 

Ans. Yes, the franchise gets promising returns of around (1-2L with a high footfall outlet) in a month. With a yearly profit margin between 10 to 25 %.

(Q3) What is the cost or price of the MBA Chaiwala franchise?

Ans. The total investment of opening a mba chaiwala franchise is (INR 10 Lakh).

(Q4) What is the business model of MBA Chaiwala?

Ans. They use the KIOSK FRANCHISE MODEL to prepare their various chai cups with the help of machines to maintain efficient procedures and this model helps to keep sanitization up to the mark.

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