Domino’s Pizza Franchise-(startup guide 2022).

Domino’s History –


Domino’s Pizza is an international brand that started back in Michigan (USA) in 1960 with a small store, and now for the past 60 years, they had made their way with 17500+ Domino’s Franchise across the globe. We all know domino’s because of their delicious pizza and it was it’s the first kind of pizza franchise In India back in the 90s.

They started doing business with their first outlet in NewDelhi 1996, after that, they had successfully established their brand value and huge satisfied customer base with 552 Domino’s pizza outlets across 130+cities in India with a huge market share of around 62% Market Share in the same category food and 72% pizza delivery in India.

Domino’s pizza comes under Jubilant FoodWorks limited in India.

Domino’s is No-1 Pizza Selling Brand in India.

 They are having Over 30+ various varieties of Veg and Nonveg Pizzas with siders and desserts.

Some of their well-known pizza is –


  • Margherita. A hugely popular margherita, with a deliciously tangy single cheese topping.
  • Double Cheese Margherita. The ever-popular Margherita – loaded with extra cheese…
  • Farm House.
  • Peppy Paneer.


  • Chicken Dominator.
  • Meat Lovers Pizza.
  • Pepperoni Pizza.
  • Classic Chicken Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza Menu-

Domino's-Pizza- Franchise-Menu


Domino’s pizza prepares their own food from raw material inside their own store to ensure quality and then distributes them via their own delivery fleet which ensures to reach each and every customer fresh and hot pizza within 30 minutes of ordering pizza.

They were the first one to introduce 30 minute pizza delivery.

  • This procedure helps to maintain food hygiene and to decrease operational costs. the products also get reasonable and cheaper.
  • Because of this model the Domino’s pizza Franchise also gets a good margin while selling products.

Remember Ad campagin, when you watch TV there was the AD slogan stuck with Domino’s brand in our mind.

30 minute me pizza deliver, warna pizza free  “.

“Khushyion ki delivery”

Till now they use as a slogan and everybody remembers it.

Innovation – They created a vast quality products line. keeping in mind that, they have to provide the best in taste pizza.

  • Their Specific Customer – As we all know, pizzas is consumed by every age group in India and Domino’s focus on, providing a same taste every time and hygienic products to their costumers their products are for all the age groups.


1) Brand Recognition – The best advantage of having Domino’s Franchise. that brand has already marked its name and value recognization in the Indian Food and Beverages industry.

2) Their USP – The brand is mainly focused on Pizza, they have created so many different customizations for every age group and veg and nonveg options.

  • Fresh hot pizza delivered in guaranteed 30 minutes or less.
  • Having a infuencing impact on their TV Commercial ads.
  • Millions of pizzas are sold every single month across Dominos outlets in India.

3) Operations Insight – Domino’s operations are so hassle less, it comes with easy operational procedures and manuals that will be shared with the franchise owner and you will get full support in setting up the store and assistance in every part of the business.

4) Their Marketing Strategies – Domino’s team always use different marketing strategies with these sources –

  • Social media
  • Tv Commercials
  • News Papers
  • Collabrating with other brands

5)  Domino’s Pizza Franchise Cost Optimization – Domino’s opts for low-cost business operation procedures and is molded according to the market’s needs.


By becoming a Domino’s franchise, you will be able to get around 2₹ – 3₹ lakhs per month profit. after paying all expenses from a mid-sized location.

you can earn more with a selection of bigger locations.


EMPLOYEES – You will need a minimum of 5-7 staff to operate a mid-sized outlet, so for that company has created their training sessions for newcomers in the industry.

  • Staff will learn, Guest service and how to run work area at fast pace environment, after training there your staff will get trained before opening and operating in the outlet.


Franchise operated in these models –

  • Traditional Stores – are the retail store situated in malls, shpping centre,these places has proper place for parking of costumers vechiles and delivery vechiles.
  • Non-Traditional Stores– are primarely situated in stadiums, office buildings, zoos, airports, convinence stores from their domino’s provides its products and services.
  • Transitional stores– In this type of outlets,m ostly menu is costumized according to regional prefrences and has low number of visitors as well.

If you rent a property in a prime location in India you would have to pay approx 1L for rent and 10,000-25,000 salaries to your staff.

Calculate from these metrics according to your staff.

And other expenses like – electricity, miscellaneous expenses according to your outlet.

LICENCES – franchise also required some approvals, to run a business without any problem but don’t scare. they will also help you out with all the licensing procedures.

DOCUMENTS – Adhar card, Pan Card, Bank details, Passport size photos.

Franchise Agreement – Dominos have two different types of agreement –

  • For transitional Domino’s outlet has to sign is 5 years.
  • And for traditional, non-traditional stores, the agreement that a franchisee has to sign is for 10 years.
  • Dominos takes a royalty fee of 5.5% of the store’s weekly royalty sales and 4% advertising fund is reduced for the non-traditional and the transitional stores and a few more expenses considering training.


Traditional Domino’s Pizza storeINR 30,00000
Non-traditional Domino’s Pizza storeINR 50,00000

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This is the easiest way to get in touch with them directly regarding opening a franchise by visiting their website.

Domino’s Pizza Franchise Contact Info –

Address –

5th Floor, Tower D, Plot No. 5, Logix Techno Park, Sector 127, Noida – 201 304, U.P., India

Domino’s franchise Contact Number –


Domino’s Franchise Email – 



  • This International brand from the best pizza brands in India, is providing a good return on investment and low operational cost for the franchise.


 Does Dominos provide a dealership? 

 Yes, they give franchises and Dealership.

 Is the Domino’s franchise profitable? 

Yes, Domino’s franchise gets returns around (2-3L with the mid-sized area) in a month.

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