Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Complete Startup Guide {2022}

Chai Sutta Bar History –


Chai Sutta Bar Franchise is one of the successful franchises BASED IN INDORE Chai and snacks bar since (2016). People spend fun and quality time in Chai Sutta Bar. With loved ones while sipping their favorite cup of Tea, In a decent ambiance and atmosphere at a pocket-friendly cost.

Chai (Indian Tea) has a place in every Indian heart. And everybody has different types of remembering stories with Chai. We can also say Tea is the unofficial national beverage of India.

 They have created. Over 100 various variations of Chai are served in eco-friendly kulhad.

Some of their well-known chai cups creations are


Beginning Days of Chai Sutta Bar-


Chai Sutta Bar’s owner is a young entrepreneur Anubhav Dubey from Rewa. Started a chai sutta bar outlet with an investment of 3 lakh with his friends, Anand Nayak and Rahul Gothi.

Their vision is to serve quality and hygienic Chai with snacks for their customers at Pocket-Friendly costs.

The brand started its first 3 Chai Sutta Bar franchise outlets in Indore. After that, they got popular within the first year because of their bar-designed outlet concept.

Variations of Chai at a very reasonable price now brand having 150+ Chai Sutta Bar outlets in more than 70+ cities across the country, And 2 in Muscat and Dubai.

Chai Sutta Bar has grown big and very profitable in these 5 years. And has a turnover of more than (100 cr).

PAN INDIA has also recognized them.

Now they are targeting to expand outside of India as well.

The brand also functions with online delivery partners like – swiggy, zamato.

How Business Model Of Chai Sutta Bar Works?

In Chai Sutta Bar, there are 3 types of business models available to choose from the list.

Click on any model to know more about how it works –

FOOD PREPARATION AND DISTRIBUTION – Chai is prepared instantly with the support of a machine, totally hand-free, and only needs to serve hot.

  • This procedure helps to maintain food hygiene and to decrease operational costs. The products also get reasonable and cheaper.
  • Because of this model and the Chai Sutta Bar franchise also gets a good margin while selling products.
  • Their Marketing Insights – Chai Sutta Bar Marketing team always runs their campaigns with the latest marketing strategies & trends going around. –
  • Word of mouth, Viral marketing, Slogan marketing, digital marketing, and support in marketing and sales.

Innovation – They created a balanced product line keeping in mind that they have to serve the best Tea to tea lovers in the price-sensitive market with quality products and profit margins, For the Chai Sutta Bar franchise and the company.

Their Specific Customer – As we all know, Indian Tea is consumed by every age group in India, and Chai Sutta Bar focuses on providing a clean and hygienic sitting space with a great ambiance to their customers. They are open for all age groups with different varieties of teas on menus.

Chai Sutta Bar Menu


Advantages Of Opening Chai Sutta Bar Franchise – 


2) Their Uniqueness – The brand is mainly focused on Tea, so that’s why they are exploring deeper into the Tea segment. They have created so many different flavored teas for every age group.

3) For the Ease of the Chai Sutta Bar franchise – They have distributed their Franchise types in 3 Models with various budget targets –

  •  FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) – In this model, the franchise owner will be the business owner. And the rest operational tasks and growth of the franchise outlet would be taken care of by the company.
  • FOFO (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated) – This model is operated and managed by the owner. The company only rents out its name with the non-refundable (franchise fee) for an agreed period.
  • COCO (Company Owned Company Operated) –From setting up the store to operating it. All are managed by the company. this model only works for the company. (Not For Franchise).

There are 3 types of outlets, which the company provides.

  • MEGA

3) Marketing Strategies – Chai Sutta Bar team is already running their outlets tied up with big malls and complexes and seeking the attention of their customers for free from eye-catchy stores.

4)  Chai Sutta Bar franchise Cost Optimization – Chai Sutta Bar runs with low-cost business operation procedures and is molded according to the market’s needs.

How Much Profit Margin Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Owner Will Get? 

By becoming a Chai Sutta Bar franchise, You will get around 35 to 40 ℅ profit. After paying all expenses from a mid-sized location.

Requirement For Opening Chai Sutta Bar Franchise In India In 2022

EMPLOYEES – You will need approx, 3-4 staff in your outlet to operate & company has their own training “INTERNSHIP” for freshers in the industry.

  • Staff will learn, Guest service, and how to run the work area in fast pace environment. As a result, your team will get ready before opening the outlet

SPACE – Space is needed between 80 to 2000 Square feet (approx. ) depending upon the type of outlet. It would be sufficient for a kitchen, counter, and guest space.

  • And if you are opening with a complete setup in a high footfall area in your locality. In addition, space may differ according to the place you select for an outlet.

LICENCES: The franchise requires some approvals to run the business smoothly without any problem. At the same time, will help you out with all the licensing procedures.

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Existing Cities

Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Ujjain, Raipur, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad.

Investment & Expenditure Cost For Operating Chai Sutta Bar Franchise 

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise required investment –

  • Investment required – On average, the Chai Sutta Bar franchise needs approximately 15-16 lakhs.

Franchise fees – In total required amount is 6 lakhs.

  • And all the amount franchise owners will invest can recover within 16 to 18 months.
  • Average ROI – It is around 108 %

The expenditure outlook –

Machinery & Equipment Interior & Furniture Initial Raw Materials
03 Lakhs 05 Lakhs 02 Lakhs

Directly Apply For Chai Sutta Bar Franchise From Here

The easiest way to get in touch with them directly regarding opening a franchise of chai sutta bar is:

  • Chai Sutta Bar franchise official website –

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Contact Info –

Address –

406, Silver Arc Plaza, Janjeerwala square, Janjeerwala Chouraha, New Palasia, Indore, Madhya Pradesh -452001, India

Chai Sutta Bar Contact Number




Facebook Page –

Chai Sutta Bar


  • This innovative brand Chai Sutta Bar, one of India’s best chai franchises, provides a good return on investment and low operational cost for the franchise.
  • Diversified franchise models & innovative taste as well. That’s why people love their concept of presenting Chai in different flavors and varieties.
  • They are serving hygienic Tea in an eco-friendly khulhad within a pocket-friendly amount, having customers from groups Gen -Y and Gen -Z. That’s why they are successful and their franchise model as well.


 Does Chai Sutta Bar give a franchise? 

 Yes, they give franchises, and their franchise earns good profits in the market.

 Is the Chai sutta franchise profitable? 

Yes, the chai sutta bar franchise gets promising returns of around (80-90 thousand Rs) in a month.

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